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      ASEAN Second Station | GELAN Electric unveiled at Bangkok International Building Materials Exhibition

      Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-06 

      Development time: 2010.04.30 - 2019.05.05

      Thailand - Bangkok - IMPACT Exhibition

      GELAN Electric ASEAN starts at the second stop

      GELAN Electric has superior products

      Draw a perfect ending in this exhibition!

      An exhibition, a brand, Geeland Electric started the world, and ASEAN sailed to the second stop - Thailand. GELAN Electric ended the ArchitectExpo in Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibition ended, but the heat generated by GELAN Electric in Thailand and the industry is still not retreating. Next, let's review the wonderful moments of GELAN Electric at the exhibition.

      GELAN Electric made a big military parade at the exhibition to showcase the high-tech and modern luxury home electrical appliances to the ASEAN countries. The GELAN Electric Pavilion is simple, elegant and fresh, showing the essence of GELAN's minimalist brand, making it a star of many brands.


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